Gallery: Famous sci-fi spacecraft made from computer parts

Here at DVICE we're big fans of starships, and we've seen incredible replicas in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. That's why we're so excited about this gallery by Etsy member Shankalonian, who constructed several of our favorite starships out of old computer parts. Very nice!

He used "an ancient hard drive motor, hard drive reader arms, mother board capacitors, [and] a Toyota Corolla spark plug" for his awesome version of Star Trek's U.S.S. Kelvin. Here's Shankalonian himself on his creations:

I started my shop in 2010 for fun as an avenue to sell my art prints. I was given a few dead computers from a colleague at work to tinker with and hopefully turn into something. Within a few months time, Shankalonian Labs was formed! I am now in the business of "upcycling" old computers and various dead electronics equipment into various sculptures and creations!

What a great way to repurpose old computers and other electronics. Enjoy the gallery of Shankalonian's work below.

Shankalonian on Etsy, via io9

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