Bluetooth sneaker speakers concept is a new take on the mobile DJ

No matter how many advances in tech we experience, music and how to experience remains a constant. Now a new kind of speaker concept that literally puts sounds on your feet envisions an entirely new take on the concept of a mobile DJ.

Developed by New York studio Ray Kingston Inc., the Sneaker Speaker is a Bluetooth-enabled pair of speakers that attach to your shoes. The speakers would only require a pair of 9-volt batteries, feature 3.5mm stereo inputs, and would be controlled directly from your smartphone. Although the odd speakers look like they might be interesting to try out, the company hasn't released any information indicating that this concept design will ever actually be offered as a commercial product.

Aside from working as an accessory to a live entertainer, it's difficult to imagine how it could ever be practical--logistically or in consideration of your fellow pedestrians--to walk around the city with giant speakers (no one who was alive in a major city in the '80s misses the era of the boombox). But remember, flashing LEDs have made their way into the shoes of half the toddlers around the world, so anything is possible.

Via Dezeen

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