Attention all cats, New Zealand is teaching dogs how to drive

Dogs can do all sorts of amazing things from leading the blind, to sniffing out drugs, but now it looks like they may soon take over behind the wheel too. Best of all, unlike those robotic Google drivers, these guys will shower you with doggie kisses when you get to your destination.

To show just how smart and useful their shelter dogs can be, the New Zealand SPCA has taught three dogs how to drive a car. As if that wasn't cool enough by itself, the car also has a manual transmission, requiring the dogs to change gear as they cruise. Heck, my 16 year old niece hasn't even mastered that skill yet.

The Mini Clubman has been modified for canine control, with a padded steering wheel and gear shift, and hand paw controls for the brake and accelerator. At first the dogs were trained using a mockup of the driving controls, but once they had mastered that, they hit the track for a little on-the-road action.

Porter, Ginny and Monty are all rescue dogs that had been abandoned, but now that they have wheels, I would suggest moving if you happen to be one of their abusive former owners.

Check out the video to see Porter driving around the track.

Driving Dogs (Facebook), via CNET Crave

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