7 giftable subscriptions and 3 gift cards your geeks will love

Gift cards are a great way to get access to some amazing subscription-based Web services available these days. It's a personal, approachable and easy to track down gift that fits a wide range of budgets. We've clipped on a couple simple gift cards to round things out a bit.

With so many great options, we've left some of the more obvious ones off the list (cough, Netflix, hack, Hulu). One missing service gets a whole paragraph to shame its provider into having a gift option: Amazon Prime is a wonderful service that grants access to on-demand video, the Kindle Lending Library and free two-day shipping on nearly every product on Amazon, yet there is no way to directly buy a gift subscription. No excuses, Bezos, Audible, another of your companies made the list with a giftable subscription.

If you do want to gift your favorite geek a Prime subscription, there's a way, but you have to jump through some hoops. Prime subscriptions can only be purchased by credit card. So you would have to buy one of those reloadable Visa gift cards for the exact amount of Amazon Prime, $79. After that, you would have to detail what exactly that card is for, defeating the purpose of that Visa gift cards original intent. It's lame and it needs to be fixed.

On to the presents!