Solar-powered floating room offers mobile waterfront property

Outside of some of the more hurricane-prone areas, owning waterfront property is one of the most coveted and expensive real estate propositions out there. But in Sweden a pair of siblings decided to try an innovative, budget-conscious to owning waterfront property by building a solar-powered, floating room.

With the help of Swedish pre-fabrication design house Kenjo, the team was able to build a one-room structure composed almost entirely of wood, energy efficient windows, and a rooftop solar photovoltaic system to capture energy for the room's electronic devices. The room is completely mobile and can be moved to different locations by using the same kind of outboard motor that would normally power a small fishing boat.

You can see more of the floating cabin in the gallery below, or you check out video of the room's construction (all in Swedish, no subtitles) as shown on the Swedish television program "Roomservice on Kanal 5" here.

Via Inhabitat

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