Japan taps Zaha Hadid to craft Olympic spaceship stadium in Tokyo

The architectural designs of Zaha Hadid are renowned for their futuristic curves that evoke images of alien spaceships. But what would her mind come up with if challenged to place a new structure in the already futuristic confines of Tokyo? The answer is the new centerpiece for Japan's Olympics 2020 bid.

After convening an international competition to design the structure, the Japan Sport Council awarded Hadid the contract to craft the stadium that is estimated to cost $1.6 billion to construct. The new stadium will be built on the site of the old Tokyo stadium that was created to host the 1964 Olympics. I've been to that stadium on several occasions and it has become quite dilapidated over the years, now serving as something of an eyesore that brings down the rest of the otherwise bright, and modern Tokyo neighborhood.

Amazingly, despite Japan's proud tradition of local architects, Hadid managed to beat out four other candidates during the final judging of the competition. The 80,000 seat stadium is scheduled to be completed in 2018. You can take a look at Hadid's latest spaceship building in the gallery below.

Via Yomiuri

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