Create the most hideous Christmas sweater ever with this free app

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become something of a tradition, but it's hard to beat the level of hideousness you can achieve by creating your own using a free app from Digital Dudz.

The idea is that you take an old plain sweatshirt, then cut a hole in it where you can insert your iPhone or iPad. The screen then provides the animation, which you can frame with a scene of your own design.

The burning fireplace seen in the video is truly spectacular, but they also have some cheesy snow globe and glowing red Rudolph nose animations if you don't want to walk around with a mantlepiece model hanging from your shirt.

If you want to get more creative, they also have some digital art that you can download and print as iron-on transfers for your shirt, or they'll even turn your own artwork into something you can print and use.

While it sounds like a lot of work for what is really just a goof, having one of these is bound to make you king or queen of your office Christmas party.

Digital Dudz (iTunes Store), via Red Ferret

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