Australian cops warn that using Apple Maps can be deadly

Police in the Australian state of Victoria are warning drivers not to use the Apple Maps app in iOS 6, until Apple fixes a mapping error that is leading motorists into a dangerous remote area.

The cops say that drivers who seek directions to a town called Mildura, are being led to a remote location inside a huge national park that's far from any water or cellphone service, and over 40 miles from their intended destination. In the map above the red pin is where Apple Maps takes you, while the purple pin is the actual location of Mildura.

While no deaths have been recorded so far, several motorists have been lost in the area for over 24 hours before being found wandering on foot without gas, food or water. Temperatures in the area can top 115 degrees Fahrenheit, so this is pretty serious.

The cops say that they have contacted Apple about the error, but in the meantime they urge drivers not to rely on the app. Perhaps drivers should just take Apple's own advice, and stick with Google Maps for now.

Victoria Police News, via Pocket-Lint

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