Indianapolis Colts find a very tech-y edge

The NFL has long been moving in a more technologically advanced direction, though individual teams still left much to be desired. The Indianapolis Colts are changing the trend though, showing that advances in tech might be advances in competition/attendance/etc.

Among the advances the team has made are replacing playbooks with iPads, adding wireless to its stadium and stronger fan apps.

The playbook might be the biggest jump forward. A traditional NFL playbook is about 800 pages and needs to be given to 50ish players and 20ish coaches, all of whom are kinda stuck with the given version.

So the Colts bought 120 iPads and began using a digital playbook made by Global Apptitude. As follows, the playbook has a few helpful features, such as the ability to draw on and write in the playbook while sharing it with everyone else.

Since switching to these, the players are reportedly spending more time with videos and playbooks, which is always a positive (if you're a Colts fan).

The fans are benefitting from the this tech push as well, as those in the stadium with smartphones can now watch instant replays five seconds after the play occurs on the field. The network can accommodate a staggering 23,000 fans at a time.

Surely other teams will follow in these footsteps, since there seems to be nothing but benefits from doing so. The question is simple: when?

Via Biztech

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