Gold LEGO brick would add bling to your collection for $14,450

This vintage gold LEGO brick would really be the crown jewel in any LEGO fan's collection. Not only is it 25.65g of 14-karat gold, but it also has a story behind it, and for any LEGO lover that equals "want."

This golden brick has the same 2x4 knob measurements of a standard plastic LEGO brick, and even has the same hollowed out construction underneath. You'd be tempted to build with it if you didn't know it was probably worth more than your car.

Aside from its meticulous rendition in gold, this brick is extremely rare as it was part of a collection that was only given out a few times a year from 1979-1981. They were gifts to business partners or employees that had racked up 25 years of service in the German brick factory.

Treated like any other expensive bauble it comes in a collectors box that retains the LEGO logo embossed in gold and in the style of that era.

The gold LEGO brick is for sale at BrickEnvy, which specializes in collector LEGO pieces. It's described as having some minimal wear and tear — after all how could the original owner NOT play with it, right?

So if you feel like parting with your car or defaulting on your student loans, the gold LEGO can be yours for $14,450.

BrickEnvy, via DesignTaxi

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