3D printing machines to show up at Staples

It wasn't but about 11 days ago that our writer Adario Strange reported on the DreamVendor 3D printing kiosk. He postulated we might see machines like this in OfficeMax and/or Staples. He was right. Staples announced today it will have a 3D printing service in-house.

Creatively named "Staples Easy 3D," this service will allow you to upload your design to Staples' website and pick up your printed object.

The stores will employ Iris printers, which take reams of paper, cut them and glue them together. The final produce ends up actually being as hard as wood. But beter than plastic printers, you end up with photorealistic coloring.

It'll roll out in the Netherlands and Belgium in the first quarter of 2013, with other countries to follow. Exactly when it'll hit the U.S. of A. remains to be seen, but we wait anxiously for 3D printing to become part of everyday life.


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